Bitcoin is the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto who brought it to life back in 2009. Nobody is sure if Mr Nakamoto actually exists of if his name harbours the identity of a single person or a group. Bitcoin has been[...]

Reading the Value of Bitcoin, One Unit at a Time

By John M. on 2018-03-06

Cryptocurrencies are a strange market. Some say they will disappear, others believe they will stick around for a fair while and a band of outsiders see them taking root so deep that their removing would cause everything to collapse –[...]

Guide to the Future of Cryptocurrencies

By John M. on 2018-03-02

Bitcoin is a denomination of currency that is anonymous asset. It may be moved around without leaving any real traces. Yet, this is not entirely correct. All the information about bitcoin transactions are always available in something called the public[...]

Reminder What Bitcoin Really Is

By John M. on 2018-03-01

With the safety concerns about cryptocurrencies these days, we have been long overdue to introduce smart devices that will target the segment exclusively. You will see your smartphones and tablets come with a “Safe to Hold Crypto” these days and[...]

Guide to Buying the Right Gear: Hack Me If You Are Smart

By John M. on 2018-02-28

Mining cryptocurrencies continues. There are all sorts of humorous anecdotes we can quote. A pair of Russian nuclear scientists were busted, after they tried using nuclear power to mine cryptocurrencies! People have been poorly trying to hook their laptops to[...]

On Your Pickaxes, Miners!

By John M. on 2018-02-23

Let’s try to get the scoop of cryptocurrencies. In honesty, there is one too many right now and understanding the market would take more than a meticulous analysis. These assets come and go at a heady pace and therefore making[...]

Identifying the Best Investment

By John M. on 2018-02-22

It’s understandable that people would want to invest quite heftily in cryptocurrencies. Sometimes, though, it is rather ill-advised. Take for example all those home-owners who are only half so after they have decided to mortgage their properties in the hopes[...]

Cryptocurrency Scams and How to Avoid Them

By John M. on 2018-02-20

Nobody would say that Africa is among the largest cryptomarkets in the world. But it is. And part of that is because of the continent attempt to catch up on its development. Young entrepreneurs are skipping on some of the[...]

Africa – The New Land Unknown of Cryptocurrencies

By John M. on 2018-02-19